Liquid sculpture … a couple of improbables words !

However there is a domain in which this couple becomes reality ... high speed photography.

 Exciting technique because it captures phenomenas almost invisible to the naked eye. Percussion drops of water or other liquid  provides forms both unique and ephemeral making this exercise even more fascinating.

The pictures are obtained purely by chance and are not the result of a montage using photo editing software. All the technical infrastructure for this activity only captures the right time of the shooting.

The success of a good photo, however, often pass through many attempts requiring much patience.

I will show you here the result of my work, which I hope will stir your curiosity. I wish you a good visit and encourage you to send me your feedback.


  • Nikon D7100
  • Micro Nikkor 105 mm
  • Flashes Metz 50 AF-1, Yongnuo YN 560 II and Einstein 640 WS
  • High speed controller "home made"
  • Control software Droplet

The latest pictures

© Copyright Jean-François Labiausse 2016